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WizChef™ Mini Handpull Grinder (Upgrade)


Ever wished there's something that can take the hard work out of chopping vegetables and fruits? Or ever wondered how to NOT get watery eyes while cutting onions?

If so, the WizChef™ Mini Handpull Grinder is your answer!

This versatile tool makes quick work out of tough cutting tasks, and it's so easy to assemble, use and care for.

And if you hate getting watery eyes when chopping onions, this will solve it all for you. With the lid on top and onions inside the bowl, you can effortlessly chop away without them making your eyes water.

It is the quick and easy way to chop fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs or create fresh salsas, pestos, coleslaws, salads in just seconds.

This WizChef™ Mini Handpull Grinder is the ultimate compact food processor. This versatile tool is ideal for chopping, blending and pureeing ingredients. Dual 420 stainless steel blades cuts through even the toughest foods like carrots and other hard foods. Chopping garlic in seconds! WizChef™ Mini Handpull Grinder focusing on functionality, durability, design, cleanliness and safety.

This hand-powered chopper is a perfect gift for all occasions. Perfect for moms, professional chefs, cooks, healthy-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts alike.

Easy to assemble, use and clean:

The lid is securely locked to the bowl and the non-slip silicone base secures it to the counter.

One simple tug on the handle powers the chopper for multiple rotations.

Sharp rotating blades effortlessly cut vegetables and garlic into small pieces, chopped pepper and nuts, and mince meat.

Save your time in the kitchen, It is perfect for mincing garlic, meat, pepper and nuts.