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BeardedKnight™ Laser Comb


If your no-shave November beard turned out be more of a November scruff, we have a solution: BeardedKnight™ Laser Comb.

As beards have become more popular, BeardedKnight™ Laser Comb has emerged as one of the easiest, most effective ways to stimulate facial hair growth.

Why Our System Delivers Results FAST. 

We use Three Scientific Principles to STIMULATE beard to grow FAST. 

1) Blood Flow to the Follicles - The presence of nutrients in the blood stimulate & enrich the follicle - forcing it to stay open, and even re open previously closed follicles. Don’t worry, it’s painless, drawing nutrients and hormone-rich blood to the face. It might sound a little wacky, but trust us: it works.

2) Advanced Laser Therapy - has been shown to draw out the DHT hormone as well as amplify the blood flow already generated from the Bristles! When the DHT is unbounded from the Beard Follicle, beard will Grow Strong and Free! Plus, it has other benefits besides thicker beard growth. The increased circulation in the face reduces scar tissue and wrinkles as well. In short, you’ll get a thicker, faster-growing beard on top of healthier skin.


3) Beard Scalp Elasticity -When brushing beard, the accumulative effect over the weeks stretches beard scalp and makes it more malleable. We work out our muscles to make them stronger, so why not our beard scalp as well? The increased stretch on the beard scalp ensures blood flows to the Follicles while we go about our day. This keeps the newly rejuvenated Beard Follicles OPEN. 

The Routine we Recommend for Maximum Growth (See Results in 4 Weeks!!) : 

Weeks 1-2: Brush 15 minutes, once a day, and take every 3rd day off to let your beard scalp rest and grow back stronger.

Weeks 3-4: Brush 20 minutes, twice a day, and take every 4th day off. This is the induced stress phase where we challenge the beard scalp to grow.

Week 5: Brush 20 minutes, twice a day, every day with no days off. Maximum stretch phase.

Week 6+: Brush 10-15 minutes once a day. Now that the Beard Scalp has been introduced, adapted, and super compensated to the laser hair treatment, this is enough to continue keeping the new face hair you've grown, as well as stimulate new follicles to grow on your now conditioned scalp. 

Whats in the Box: 


While Results are not Typical and cannot be guaranteed due to the various factors affecting thin beard growth, check out some of our reviews below!