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Bearded Knights™ Multi-Styles Bread Shaper


Finally you can get Professional Beard Lines in the comfort of your home using Bearded Knights™ Multi-Styles Bread Shaper and SAVE MONEY without needing to go to the barber! 

Bearded Knights™ Multi-Styles Bread Shaper was smartly designed in the United States to solve the daily headache that men across the globe suffer when having to line up their beards.

The innovative and proprietary design of this Beard Shaper was created by putting together ALL THE BEST FEATURES from similar shaping tools on the market. For this reason you won't need to buy multiple tools anymore to get professional beard lines; Bearded Knights™ Multi-Styles Bread Shaper will do it all!

This Tool also features an innovative 1 MILLIMITER TAPERED EDGE TECHNOLOGY all around that allows you to line up your beard even more precisely. Other shapers on the market have thicker edges that mean less precise lines and more complicated user experience because no razor, trimmer or clipper is able to reach the beard hair in the corners between the skin and the edges of these tools. With Bearded Knights™ Multi-Styles Bread Shaper this problem is solved!


Transparent / Black



  • 1 PC Bearded Knights™ Multi-Styles Bread Shaper


We use the highest quality High Impact PC Plastic and is designed to last. However if you are not happy with your product we will refund 100% of your money.