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Drawing Projector


Drawing Projector

Drawing Projector help children to express their creativity and have fun, harvest hope, and happiness growth, focus on process-oriented art, build self-confidence, keep art fun, and don’t ever say, “I can’t draw.
Drawing Projector helps your sweetheart to draw any masterpiece more easily anytime!
Drawing Projector is the best gift for your sweetheart,art-interest and what they draw is priceless!

Bullet Point of Drawing Projector:
  • Through the lens paper, you can see the picture on the drawing.
  • Support for mobile phones and tablets.
  • The bracket has two kinds of splicing methods, which are simple and quick to assemble.
  • It comes with practice and you will only improve the more you paint!
  • Paint your favorite things. Don’t get frustrated!
  • Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey!
  • Welcome to this wonderful hobby!


Note: The trackpad has two sides, the front and the back, and the projection effect on both sides is different. Please use the front side.