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Easy Meatballs Maker Tool


Never worry about making the perfect stuffed and round meatballs again! Don't you just hate it when making perfect stuffed meatballs is just too troublesome and hard to make a perfect rounded shape?

With Easy Meatballs Maker Tool, making stuffed meatballs become easy and hassle-free! Instantly turned you into a pro chef!


  • Easy To Use -Just shape, stuff & seal!
  • Consistency - Make perfect round and uniform sized meatballs to ensure that they all cook at the same speed.

  • Reduce Your Time & Effort - Simultaneously make up to 4 large stuffed or unstuffed meatballs with this easy-to-use tool at one press.
  • Hands Protection - No sticky fingers & no rolling the meat in your hands. Just fill & press.
  • Fun & Hassle-Free - Adults, kids or people who can't cook can use it as it is simple. Anyone can use it & have fun!
  • Safe Food Grade Material -Made from safe food grade material. BPA Free; FDA Approved
  • Easy Cleaning - Designed for easy cleaning and washing too. No hidden area that is hard to reach & clean!


  • Weight: 99g.
  • Material: Safe Food Grade ABS.
  • Size:27 x 24 x 3 cm.
  • Color: Red and White.


  • 1 x Easy Meatballs Maker Tool