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Easy-Play Exquisite Kazoo


Kazoo is a simple and easy to learn musical instrument, you do not need to learn music, everyone can play it whatever adults or children, is also the good companion for guitar, ukulele, piano and many other musical instruments.

Easy-Play Exquisite Kazoo is a very special musical instrument, it is through the human voice humming sound, relying on its own diaphragm and resonance tube sound amplification. It may issue a hoarse tone, somewhat similar to the saxophone. As long as the player can sing songs, you can play Kazoo.

You could take it out of your pocket and add to the fun, it's very simply that many musicians and singers use it to be guest appearance.


  • Easy & Fun - Literally, the easiest instrument to play. This make your dream comes true for playing 2 musical instruments concurrently! No need to learn music theory while playing, no need to recite music score, even no need to practice. Just hum (don't blow), and there's sound... or even music?
  • Excellent Craftsmanship - Smooth edges and design to make sure that you will enjoy playing it!

  • Safe Wood Material - Uses Environmental friendly wood to protect our earth and safe for our kids!
  • Uniquely Beautiful Music - Makes the most annoyingly graceful sound when you hum into it. And its perfect for replicating old Snes and Nes songs!  Enhance your performance and fun!

  • Light And Convenient - PERFECT OUTDOOR COMPANION on the trail, around the campfire, camping, hiking, backpacking, boy scouts, traveling, or... that hipster friend who is super into making music but can't really play an instrument.
  • Durable - Tested for playing at least 1,000 hours!
  • Exquisite Box - Presentable and ideal for gifting!

***Please hum rather than blow into the kazoo to produce sound***


  • Material: Environmental Friendly Wood
  • Size: 3.78 x 1.02 inches (496 x 26 mm)
  • Weight: 2.54oz (72g)


  • 1 x Easy-Play Exquisite Kazoo
  • 1 x Exquisite Metal Casing
  • 3 x Membrana
  • 2 x Plug

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