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HabbyKids™ Child Motorcycle Safety Harness 4-In-1 Buckle


HabbyKids™ Supplies Secure Equipment For Your Family. No Longer To Worry That Your Child Might Fall Asleep And Lose The Fragile Grip Or Child Walking Helper.

HabbyKids™ Child Motorcycle Safety Harness 4-In-1 Buckle was created by an engineer who is a motorcyclist enthusiast. He wanted to share his joy and excitement with his 3 year old boy but there is no good and safe safety harness in the market. He was determined to create a functional, safe, fashionable and comfortable safety harness so that his 3 year old boy can join his fun and excitement. After months of trial and error, he finally created HabbyKids™ Child Motorcycle Safety Harness which is approved and recommended by NTSB.

Now everyone can have a peace of mind when your kids are riding with you on the bike!


-Adjustable belt length for child and adult:This belt is not only adjustable for the child but the adult too to make sure that both are secured and comfortable!

-Suitable for most motorcycle:It is created in a way that it can be used on almost any bike

-Extra Safety Night Feature: Reflective sign keeps secure even at night.

-Versatile: With the option for the child to sits in front or back.

-Universal Function: It can be used as Toddler walking helper and baby feeding seat belt.

-Premium Quality and Comfy:  Made by Premium cloth + silk cotton which is healthier and more comfortable

-Breathable Design: The cellular design is more breathable

-Patented Safety Designed Buckle: Patented 4-in-1 buckle supports design

-Hand Sew Safety:  Multi-layered safety sewing.

-Easy To Wear: Designed in the way that its so easy to wear that your kids can even put on themselves!

-Storage Space:  Large storage space for you or your child to use as a bag too




1 x HabbyKids™ Child Motorcycle Safety Harness 4-In-1 Buckle