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HappyLens Pro™ Kids Camera (FREE 8 GB Micro SD Card)


HappyLens Pro™ is a kids' favorite! It combines the fun of photography with easy-to-use functions - playtime has never been so awesome...and memorable!

Studies show that exposing a child early to photography may increase their spatial awareness, heighten their critical thinking skills, and ignite their creativity.

HappyLens Pro™ Features:

  • A developmental toy that not only teaches your child about photography, but also expands their imagination.
  • Photography also helps with building hand-eye coordination and positive social skills!
  • 8 Megapixel camera - Capture in crystal clear quality - all those wonderful memories that they’ll remember for years to come.

  • HD video - Because still photos are never enough!
  • Shockproof body - 100% kid-friendly
  • Special Pre-Holiday Promo: FREE 8GB MicroSD Card - Holds more than 4,500 photos!
  • Export & Print your photos EASILY through USB (included) - just like a normal camera!
  • EASY-TO-PRESS Buttons that allows even young children to take photos without help!
HappyLens Pro™ is an indispensable part of your child’s toy collection! It fits their little hands perfectly and combines toy-like fun with real-use functionalities. HappyLens Pro™ doesn’t just help your child to grow, it grows with them!

Suitable for any child 2-9 years of age.

Each Package includes:

1 X HappyLens Pro™
1 X Camera Lanyard
1 X 8 GB Micro SD Card
1 X USB Cable