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TameBeard™ Optimum Stubble Adjustable Trimmer


TameBeard™ Optimum Stubble AdjustableTrimmer

A man's face is his statement. Sometimes bold, sometimes subdued, always individual. TameBeard™  has all the men’s grooming tools you need to feel confident. Get the styling edge with TameBeard™ . TameBeard™ ’s most advanced stubble men’s trimmer features the precision, power, and durability needed to achieve a well-groomed, smooth and clean-cut look. This men’s trimmer features razor-sharp, etched blade technology, ultra-flex action, and lithium-ion power for a trim that’s sure to turn heads. TameBeard™ - Respect the Ritual.

Maximum precision, amazingly simple.

The TameBeard™ Optimum Stubble Adjustable Trimmer gives you exact length, precise contours and an even trim. With two adaptable trimming combs providing 20 length settings between 0.5 - 10mm and a Precision Dial with 0.5mm steps, you can achieve your desired style with control and precision.


Maximum Precision- The Precision Dial with 0.5 mm steps gives you the ultimate control and precision on all beard lengths.

Long Beards- Maintain a lengthier beard style with the longer hair comb and adjust for any desired cut.
Stubble and Short to Medium Beards- Evenly trim stubble and style short to medium beards with the adjustable short beard comb.

Contour Edging- Perfect your style with the Precision Dial technology to define lines and create contours.

Fully Washable- For easy cleaning under running water.
Lifetime Lasting Sharp Blades- The ultra sharp stainless steel blades cut through long or thick hair without any pulling or tugging.  

Long Lasting Power- One charge provides 90 minutes of precision trimming with no performance loss.
Trim Cleanly and Fast- The powerful motor working with the high-level stainless steel blade makes a clean and fast trimming, great to save time.
Titanium Blade- Titanium blades to effectively cut each hair preventing skin irritation and will not wear down
USB Cable- The light and compact storage bag can put into a briefcase and be with you to everywhere, and the USB cable can provides you to plug wherever you need.
LED Charging Indicator- Informs about charging status to ensure you never accidentally run out of battery.


1 x TameBeard™ Optimum Stubble Adjustable Trimmer Set