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TurboWhirl™ Travel Blender


TurboWhirl™ Travel Blender

Combination of Art Design and High-Class Quality

TurboWhirl™ Travel Blender was designed by US artists team, manufactured by factory with 30 years manufacturing experiences. We focus on quality, details, intimate service and customer experience, we hope that TurboWhirl™ Travel Blender is not only a product, but also your favorite gear.


This Blender is not suitable for bullet-proof coffee or hot drink more than 50 degree which will be easy cause leakage, please don't use for that purpose.


1) Updated Newest Function: CAN blend WHILE charging just like plug-in blender BUT much more convenient and versatile than it.

2) Battery powered wireless blender with USB rechargeable: Handy, Lightweight and Portability. Travel with it all of world No worry plug issues from different countries.

4) As opposed to a counter board blender: From blending to drinking Only 1 bottle, Quiet, Less mess, Fewer dish, Less wash, Spacing Saving, No waste and

Easier to clean, Dishwasher Safe.

5) Stronger and Faster: Mini But Powerful enough to blend ice, frozen fruits, vegetable, nuts in only 10 seconds.

6) Versatile: Perfect for shakes and smoothies, Juice, Protein shaker, Salad dressings etc

7) Safer: built-in blade preventing finger injury. Use only Baby Food Grade Material, BPA Free, FDA, CE & RoHS Approved.


Only one cup from blending to drinking

TurboWhirl™ Travel Blender realized real portable thanks to its USB rechargeable and cute body. Not like plug-in blender, pour juices from one cup to the other, and bulky base are not be carried either, TurboWhirl™ Travel Blender can go with you entirely or only bottle itself. From blending to drinking or on the go, all in 1 cup, and one button operation, it is so handy, so versatile, so easy to use and clean. Mini but powerful.



  • Max. power: 175W
  • Motor: DC 7.4V, 25000 rpm±15%
  • Power supply: Lithium battery USB 5V
  • Battery volume: 4800mAh
  • Blade material: 304 Stainless steel, 4 leaves blade.
  • Temperature: below 100︒C/212︒F
  • Cup material: AS (BPA free food grade material)

Enjoy your nutrients at anytime and anywhere

Travel all of world no limitation of power format of different country. Make morning smoothies in the car or office, have a post-workout smoothies or protein shake in the gym, share the fresh juice with your colleague in the teatime. Replenish your nutrition when travel or camping with this portable blender, Perfect suitable for car holder, making and enjoying your fresh juice on road trip. Lovely gear for students, traveling people, persons live in apartment, fitness or yoga fans, campers etc.